About Jaleh


Thank you for discovering Jaleh Natural Oils. Let me give you a glimpse into my journey and the essence of our brand.

As the founder, I bring a blend of experiences to this venture. For nearly a decade, I fostered my passion for dance through my UK-based studio. However, in June 2021, I embarked on a new path in natural hair and skin care with the inception of Jaleh Natural Oils.

You might wonder about the connection between dance and hair care. My story weaves these seemingly disparate elements together seamlessly. Raised in a household steeped in Middle Eastern and Asian traditions, I inherited a treasure trove of hair and skincare wisdom. Collaborating closely with my father, an Organic Chemist, has been instrumental in shaping Jaleh Natural Oils. Moreover, my husband's Moroccan heritage has granted me access to the highest quality Moroccan Argan Oil, enriching our products.

The synergy of my father's expertise from AF ChemPharm and Jaleh Natural Oils within a shared space has fostered a culture of innovation and excellence. This collaborative environment ensures meticulous research and the creation of products of the utmost quality and safety.

The unexpected pause of Lockdown 2020/2021 prompted deep introspection, leading me to refocus on holistic well-being, particularly in nurturing my hair and skin. Recognising the demand for natural solutions, I immersed myself in research, drawing from both traditional remedies and modern scientific insights.

Driven by personal and familial inspiration, I embarked on crafting what would become our 'Total Treatment Hair Oil'. Rooted in cultural heritage and fortified by generations of wisdom, this blend embodies the transformative power of natural ingredients. Witnessing its profound impact on my mother's hair revitalisation amid health challenges fueled my determination to share it with others.

Prior to its launch, the oil underwent rigorous testing across diverse demographics, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback for its efficacy in promoting hair and scalp health.

I extend my heartfelt wishes for your well-being, both inner and outer, and hope you love Jaleh Natural Oils as much as I do.